Car Accidents & Personal Injury
“The legal system can be very confusing to me. I am so glad we hired you because we trust you and think you are very good at what you do.”
“I needed the direction and Christopher Hoffer provided that. He is very calm, well organized, and very capable. I still have pain from the car accident today but he helped me get a settlement from the insurance company to cover auto and medical expenses and was very supportive. He did a great job for me and he’ll do the same for you.”
“Thank you for all of your work on [our case] Lee. I truly appreciate you and the efforts you and your staff made that ensured the process was simple for us and easily understood.”
“Sending you a friendly reminder! It has been 10 long years since my 1st accident. I know, hard to believe! And I wanted to express to you, a huge thank you David! I don’t know where I would be, or what the outcome of all that has happened, that could have been….without you. Thank you so much for being so kind to me, and caring for me; which has produced a great friendship! Know that I appreciate the role you have played in my life.”
“I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. My case was complicated having the two insurance companies in the beginning. I was very concerned about how that would be resolved. This has been a long hard process. I really appreciate everything you have done for me.”
“We had a great experience with the Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm. They were very responsive to all our calls and emails. We always got our questions answered in a timely manner. Chris and Dave were very client centered and wanted what was best for us. They are highly recommended!”
“Thank you just doesn’t come close to what you deserve for everything you have done for me. Over two years ago I came in not having a clue what to do. You listened to me, you cared for me, and you fought for me. And you continued to fight for me. I cannot express the appreciation and gratitude I have for you. You are a man of character and it shows in your work. It has been a privilege and honor to have met you and to have you on my side.”
“A neighbor said he saw sparks, but we didn’t see any fire. I ended up in the hospital for months. A friend of mine recommended this firm. David did a lot of research, hired just the right experts and got all the information. They did a good job for me. They communicated well and told me what was going on. I don’t know of anyone that could have done better. They turned out to be very good friends.”
“Words cannot express the amount of gratitude and a million thank you’s to you. What a pressure of relief off me! These past years have been a struggle for my family and I. I will hold you in the highest regards and nothing but faith and happiness to both of you. You have fought long and hard for us! I guess my upbringing and personality were never to sue or properly bring justice. But the morning after the crash and years of pain tends to change your fight. I’m a firm believer that certain people pass through your life for a reason. Thank you so much again!”
Railroad & Train Accidents
“The effort and time that Joe put into our case was amazing. We have no magic words to show our appreciation. I never really wanted to know a personal injury lawyer, but Joe changed that for us. We are truly grateful for all that Joe did.”
“Joe worked extensively with me on a very long, drawn out litigation. He kept me informed of developments, gave me guidance as far as what actions I needed to take, and gave me honest feedback on his opinions at various decision points in the case. The case settled for more than we had expected and was worth the wait. Joe did a great job.”
“Joe was very informational, and precise on what the next steps would be, explaining how things will transpire. He is a kind and patient person!!! If I had any questions, Joe and his staff were always very quick to respond to any of our needs/concerns. We felt our case was handled with the utmost importance, and we will seek his counsel again if needed. Thank you so much Joe!!”
“Joe is a great lawyer, he went the extra mile for me. I would hire him anytime.”
“I couldn’t have asked for a more patient and professional attorney. Joe is prompt in responding. He explained everything in detail and he gave me the best and worst scenarios. He put my mind at ease more times than I can count and I appreciate his demeanor and his patience.”
“The legal system can be very confusing to me. I am so glad we hired you because we trust you and think you are very good at what you do.”
Divorce & Family Law
“I was referred to Kelly Boyd at this law firm and I couldn’t be happier! My situation required immediate and thorough attention. Kelly was on top of everything, never making me wait or wonder. She answered all my questions quickly and I have confidence in the job she did for me. Her professionalism with added kindness was such a bonus during a stressful time for me. This was my first experience hiring a lawyer and I have peace of mind that I can return for help in the future.”
“I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with divorce and custody for over a decade and have had to hire and work with multiple attorneys on both sides. Kelly Boyd is by far the best choice in every way. She jumped into my existing situation, made me feel heard, quickly understood my stance and explained her recommended course of action in a way that made sense to me. Kelly was always quick to respond by phone, email, and text. She is flexible and cost conscious. She was finally able to get me to a point where I feel my case is resolved and if, heaven forbid, I ever need an attorney again, I will happily run straight to her for help.”
“I was referred to Kelly Boyd’s Law Firm and met with Kelly. I am so thankful for her. She helped me through the hardest time in my life; I can’t imagine life without her. Through several court trials for an OFP along with a very messy and difficult divorce, Kelly was there for me night and day, literally! She is the one that kept me strong and picked me up each time after every difficult situation, which were many. In the court room she was professional, positive, detailed and truthful and that is what got us though and we continued to win in the judges eyes. When I felt there was no one to trust in the world she is the one that I knew I could trust to be there, help me, guide me and to take care of everything. Even though it’s been a year and a half since my finalized divorced I am still finding pieces out that she took care of for me when I didn’t realize it and have that sense of relief and peace. I know that when or if something arises in my future I will know that Kelly will be there for me and have my best interest along with my sons. Thank you Kelly!!”
“Kelly Boyd was invaluable in helping my family through a very complicated and very highly conflicted time. In a course of 18 months, I had literally spent tens of thousands of dollars with previous representation handling my post divorce custody issues. We had multiple court appearances during those 18 months going round and round with the same issues; everything, no matter how insignificant was a battle. We were close to our wits ends when we found Kelly. She took the time to answer all my questions; she explained things to me in a way that I could understand and I immediately had a sense of relief. Kelly was very direct and to the point, she handled everything with my ex husband and his attorney for me, she quickly made it very apparent to them that we were no longer going to entertain those same issues anymore. From a scale of 1 to 10, my stress level went from a 200 down to a four. When it was time for another court appearance, she was phenomenal. She was organized, confident well spoken and presented herself as a very dominant force in the courtroom. She knew more about our case in six weeks than my previous attorney knew in 18 months. We have not been back to court since; and I truly believe it has everything to do with her exceptional skills as an attorney. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for our family.”
“Kelly Boyd was my lawyer in a divorce situation on two separate motions. She is knowledgeable, timely, thorough, and professional. She represented me and was successful on both occasions. I have been extremely pleased with her representation and would, and have, recommended her to others.”
“Ryan, you’ve been a wonderful attorney, much more than I expected. Your attention to details, knowledge, and responsiveness to my case rates a 5 star review from me. There is one other thing about how you handled my case that deserves special attention. You made me feel comfortable and secure through an uncomfortable and stressful divorce. You’re most definitely a credit to yourself, your profession, and your firm.”
“After having two different attorneys during my divorce proceedings I finally found Kelly Boyd a family law attorney who has been an exemplary post divorce during the past eight years. Her accuracy, diligence and continuous efforts to seek a resolution without having to visit the courts and exposing the truth of opposing party has been amazing. Her ethics are of the highest standard!!! If you want an attorney you can count on, not overcharge you and get things resolved Kelly Boyd is the one to go to.”
“I cannot say enough about the job Kelly Boyd did for me. My situation was a terrible mess, I had hired another attorney and I had been providing her with a lot of information about my case and witnesses, but at mediation I found out that she had done nothing with the information I had given her. I dropped her and was referred to Kelly on a last minute panic. I literally brought her a grocery bag full of documents and she pulled an all-nighter to put something together for the pretrial the very next day. Kelly prepared very thoroughly and did an excellent job all the way through the process and I honestly came out better than I thought I would. I am also certain that if she were given the chance to represent me from beginning to end, things would have been much different but my previous counsel made such a mess of my situation by not requesting the proper documentation from my ex and several other things. I strongly recommend Kelly Boyd for representation in a divorce case. I have dealt with good as well as bad attorneys and Kelly did a great job for me.”
Estate Planning & Elder Law
“We worked with Steve Helseth on establishing a trust. He made a potentially complex task very manageable. He educated us to our choices, engaged us into the process, and allowed us to personally design our plan. Throughout the process, Steve was professional, patient, and a wealth of knowledge. We highly recommend Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm for estate planning.”
“We have no hesitation referring family, friends and neighbors to Steve Helseth. We had a great experience working with him on estate planning and know that others will be served well too! We feel absolutely confident in referring others to Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm.”
“Our experience working with Steve and his firm, was simply, reassuring. When dealing with decisions as important and mortal as Will and Estate planning – you want to a build a level of trust and understanding with the people who are crafting your personal succession plan. The time we spent with Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm strengthened our future, and most importantly, our family’s future.”
“Initially, we worked with Steve Helseth on our estate plan, and because we had such a great experience working with him, we have utilized Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm for additional legal services.”
“We know that others will be served well by Steve Helseth. We had a great experience working with him on establishing a trust, and we confidently refer family members, neighbors and friends to Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm for legal services.”
“We feel absolutely confident referring to Steve Helseth for estate planning. We are impressed with his expertise, his ability to explain difficult choices, and his genuine concern for our engagement in the estate planning process. We have complete confidence in Steve and we are so glad that we decided to work with him.”
“Steve and his team made the process of estate planning quite painless. There was much to consider. However, they addressed all of our questions and concerns with great ease and professionalism. Many Thanks!”
“We worked with Steve Helseth on establishing a trust. With his expertise, he guided the process allowing us to personally design the trust to our financial situation. We were very pleased with our end result and with the personal relationship we were able to build with Steve. We highly recommend Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm for estate planning.”
“I was left with the daunting task of handling my mom’s trust after her death. Working with Steve Helseth & Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm made it a smooth and an easy process. Their rates are reasonable and I would recommend them to anyone.”
“Initially, we worked with Steve Helseth on our estate plan, and because we had such a great experience working with him, we have utilized Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm for additional legal services.”
“Our experience with Steve Helseth at Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm was wonderfully pleasant. He handled our Estate Planning in a very prompt manner, with compassion and understanding of the urgency of our family’s situation. We found Steve and the support staff to be friendly and knowledgeable. Steve was able to put us at ease with understandable terms in response to all of our questions throughout the process, We have highly recommended Steve Helseth for Estate Planning to friends and family members and they too have had very positive experiences.”
“I worked with them on updating my will to a trust. Steve Helseth and team were great to work with! They recommended options for my consideration, answered all my questions, was very knowledgeable and kept this on schedule. I would highly recommend them for services.”
“We highly recommend Steve Helseth for your estate planning needs. The process was straight forward and easy to work through thanks to him. Steve was very helpful explaining and educating us on all aspects of the law while efficiently getting everything we needed in place. He offered insight and details of things we should consider as we walked through the process. This was particularly helpful as there were several things we wouldn’t have considered and/or thought about without his knowledge and experience. We would highly recommend him.”
Probate, Guardianship & Conservatorship
“In the last four years I have reached out to Steve Helseth for assistance with one very complex estate distribution (as I was the Trustee) to set up a will for my wife and I, to help my mother set up her will, and for consultation on another family member’s probate. I have taught for 23 years at a college in the community and have found that Steve Helseth has the heart of a teacher as I always leave his office with all of my questions answered and with a full understanding of the law and all of my options.”
“Steve Helseth of Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm conducted the probate for my father’s will in Minnesota when I lived out of state. He was responsive to phone calls and e-mails, clear in his instructions, and kept me informed of the nuances of probate and my father’s will in particular, including setting up a trust for my niece. I highly recommend him as an estate planning and business law attorney.”
“My mother’s checking/savings account over $50,000 was without beneficiary/Payable On Death, and therefore, in spite of the estate being less than $250,000, probate was required. Steve Helseth and his team provided seamless legal assistance through the estate process with the county (Douglas) in west-central Minnesota.”