Federal Railroad Administration statistics show that more than one person is killed every single day at railroad crossings in the United States. At Bolt Hoffer Boyd, our dedicated railroad attorneys firmly believe that nearly all these deaths could be prevented if the rail industry would adopt basic engineering standards and system safety principles.

Causes of Railroad Crossing Accidents

Railroad crossing accidents involve trains striking cars, trucks, or other vehicles, bicycles or wheelchairs, or pedestrians.

Common causes of railroad crossing accidents include:

The collision of a car and a train is comparable to the collision of a car and a soda can – the size and weight of a train moving even at what might seem to be slower speeds results in impacts that cause catastrophic injuries and death.

Railroads are highly regulated, and a reputable train accident attorney will know to look for violations of these regulations. Federal Railroad Administration and Operation Lifesaver statistics show that every year thousands of railroad crossing accidents occur, resulting in approximately one thousand serious injuries and hundreds of deaths.

Train crossing accident cases are challenging and result in hard-fought courtroom trials. When a train crossing accident occurs, railroads are quick to tell law enforcement and media outlets that cars drove around gates or that drivers were not paying attention. Experienced train accident attorneys will expect this in every case and understand that a thorough investigation and evaluation of the actual crossing is crucial to uncovering the truth. In many cases, accidents occur because of defective lights or gates, poor design, or other correctable reasons. These accidents could have been prevented.

Railroads deny liability for nearly all train and railroad crossing accidents, making injury and death claims some of the hardest and most complicated. The experienced, knowledgeable train accident attorneys of Bolt Hoffer Boyd offer honest, practical advice. We have represented individuals injured and the families of those killed in railroad accidents across the country. Because of the highly complex and specific nature of this type of claim, we tailor our legal representation and offer honest, practical advice for the best possible outcome.

Representing train accident victims is a deeply personal mission for lead railroad attorney Joe Sayler, whose brother was killed in a railroad crossing accident. Joe has devoted his career to advocating for railroad public safety and helping individuals impacted by train accidents.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a train crossing accident, contact the dedicated railroad attorneys of Bolt Hoffer Boyd for your initial consultation.