In addition to injuries and fatalities, train derailments and other railroad accidents can cause extensive property damage. Railroad property damage claims can range from a massive derailment causing millions of dollars in infrastructure damage to small, local incident such as when a railroad uses or destroys property they falsely claim is theirs.

Types of Railroad Property Damage Accidents

Some common types of railroad property damage accidents include:

Bolt Hoffer Boyd lead railroad attorney Joe Sayler represented an elderly North Dakota couple whose dream home was destroyed in a railroad incident. In the wake of a derailment, the railroad had requested that a small portion of the property be used to access the train tracks, promising compensation and that the property would be left in better condition than new. However, the railroad dug up and claimed hundreds of yards of the couple’s land to rebuild their train tracks, removing numerous mature trees and shifting the foundation of the house in the process. Despite their assurances, the railroad refused any compensation or to fix the property. Fortunately, with our help, the property was fully restored and the couple was fully compensated for their losses.

Railroad companies often cut corners to save money and do whatever it takes to protect their public image. If a railroad incident or accident has caused damage to your property, don’t assume that the railroad will correct the situation. Contact a railroad attorney at Bolt Hoffer Boyd. Our attorneys bring a great deal of experience and knowledge to your railroad accident case. We understand the extent to which a railroad can cause property damage, and the difficulty of dealing with railroad claim departments. We will work hard to make sure that you are fully compensated and that the railroad is held accountable for the property damage and any necessary repairs.

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