Chuck Hillyard is the head railroad investigator and recognized expert in railroad investigations, based out of Spokane, Washington. Chuck comes from a family of railroad workers and is a former BNSF Conductor and Engineer. Having suffered a serious, career-ending injury, an amputation of his leg, Chuck is intimately familiar with the concerns and hardships railroad workers and their families experience after an injury.

Since his injury, Chuck has dedicated his career to helping others injured in tragic railroad accidents, using his extensive knowledge of the industry to advocate for safety changes and to guide those that are confronted with the same hardships he and his family navigated. He frequently speaks with railroad union groups, media, and investigates and consults on railroad legal cases. Beyond this, Chuck has offered advice and guidance to countless numbers of his union brothers and sisters when they are in need. Chuck has also conducted investigations into all types of railroad accidents, including wrongful death, serious injuries such amputations and traumatic brain injuries, all throughout the United States.

Chuck and his wife Jenny (who also comes from a railroad family) are located in Spokane, Washington. Chuck is available 24/7 to help all railroad employees, their families, and any member of the public who has been affected in a railroad accident. He is always ready to help in any way and can be reached at 509.954.8178.