In Minnesota, spousal maintenance is the technical term for alimony. If you are going through a separation or a divorce, alimony may be one of the issues decided. If it is, you will want the assistance and insight of an experienced family law attorney.

Why Is Spousal Support Awarded?

Minnesota law allows a judge to award spousal support if the requesting spouse:

How Much and for How Long

Spousal maintenance can be ordered by a judge during a divorce to keep the receiving spouse from suffering financially during the proceedings. Either spouse can ask the court to order spousal support paid to them. Generally, a court is more inclined to order a longer period of spousal support when the marriage was long-term, and the receiving spouse is less likely or unable to become self-sufficient.

There is no mathematical formula for spousal support calculations in Minnesota. The law allows the judge to consider certain factors when deciding the amount of maintenance for the requesting spouse.

These factors include:

The judge can order temporary or permanent maintenance. The law does not favor one over the other. The factors above determine the award. If there is uncertainty about permanency, the court will make a permanent award leaving it open to modification.

The experienced family law attorneys of Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm understand the complexities surrounding spousal support and can help you work through what can be a difficult, emotional process. They will look at detailed monthly budgets, monthly earnings, each parties’ work experience, and education, and answer any questions you have.

While spousal maintenance is not awarded in every case, Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm will help you review the options and determine if you’ll be entitled to receive or be obligated to pay on a short-term or long-term basis. Contact us today at (763) 406-7000 to schedule your free initial consultation.