Catastrophic injuries frequently have permanent consequences, including scarring and disfigurement. Scars from an injury or surgery after an accident can be embarrassing, painful, and ugly. Even a small injury scar, surgery scar, or other remaining injuries can cause pain and suffering. Disfigurement may affect some injury victims’ employment opportunities and prospects, impacting their confidence and self-perception causing a loss of enjoyment of life. These are compensable injuries.

Facial and Other Visible Scars

Facial injuries create physical and emotional challenges for accident victims. An injury scar to the face caused by a deploying airbag can be rather minor or the consequence of fractured bones damaging the sinuses and nerves of the face.

Facial and other visible scars can be emotionally damaging, especially for children and teens. When they look in the mirror and see only the scar, there is clearly an emotional impact on their life beyond any physical trauma suffered.

Debilitating Scars

Behind vehicle wrecks, burns are the most common cause of trauma-related deaths. An extensive burn is the most crippling injury a person can suffer and still hope to survive.

Post-burn scarring is inevitable. Deep burns heal by scarring even with the best of treatment. Although scarring can be reduced with physical therapy and plastic surgery, the areas show the physical appearance of a scar, especially from the victim’s point of view. Except for superficial burns, all burn patients will most likely heal with scars. These scars will be visible to the patient for the rest of his/her life and may cause enduring agony.

Scarring can be the result of shoddy cosmetic surgery. The personal injury attorneys of Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm will provide your case with a thorough review to assess whether faulty products were used or if you received negligent medical attention and treatment.

It is important for lawyers and insurance companies to know the location and visibility of a scar if plastic or reconstructive surgery might help minimize the scar appearance, and whether the scar will fade with time or remain visible and noticeable.

Some of the factors considered when determining compensation for scarring include:

If you or a loved one has been inflicted with visible or painful scars caused by a work-related incident or a vehicle wreck, or in any way caused by the negligence of someone else, call the personal injury attorneys of Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm at (763) 406-7000 for a free initial consultation. We are sensitive to the emotional and physical impact of scarring and are uniquely able to provide your case with an honest and thorough evaluation.