About 6.8 million Americans suffer broken bones each year. Even though your bones are incredibly tough, about four times the strength of concrete, they can still break. Bones can bend to a certain extent. But once the pressure is too great or too sudden, they might break or fracture.

Injured at Work or in a Car Wreck

Broken bones are often the result of accidents. Car wrecks can cause spinal injuries such as compression breaks and facet joint breaks in addition to broken limbs.

Bones susceptible to breaking in a car wreck include the following:

Bone fractures are one of the most common workplace injuries, too.

In addition to those often caused by car wrecks, work-related breaks include:


Treatment methods for breaks vary, from simple air splints and casts to surgical plates and screws. Your medical team will determine a treatment plan to return you to your pre-accident condition, but that is not always enough.

Sometimes a broken bone heals without complication in six weeks with no further problems. Other times, the break leads to a long, painful, and incomplete recovery.

Some require surgery and extensive therapy. The type of break, its location, and treatment methods all impact the recovery experience.

Breaks can range from hairline, where there is only a very thin break in the bone, to the bone being broken into two or more pieces.

The three common causes of breaks are:

Broken bones and fractures can cause long-lasting, painful issues. If complications arise, such as infection or immobility, immediate expert orthopedic care is required.

If a broken bone is not treated properly, various bone-related symptoms, infections, and deformities can occur, including:

If you have suffered a broken bone due to the negligence of someone else, whether in a car wreck, a job-related accident, or a slip-and-fall, the personal injury attorneys at Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm understand the urgency of necessary treatment.

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