Minnesota law requires all employers to provide benefits to their employees for work-related injuries, either through workers’ compensation insurance or self-insurance.

Workers' Compensation Benefits

If you have suffered a workers’ compensation accident you are entitled to benefits.

Four basic types of benefits provided include:

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. Proving the employer’s negligence is not necessary to receive benefits.

Whether a work injury is the responsibility of the employer, or a co-worker or contractor caused the injury, a full evaluation of the case is critical in determining if additional claims beyond the limited workers’ compensation benefits from the employer are needed.

Payments in workers compensation accidents help with some expenses but do not cover all losses if you are seriously injured on the job. In most cases, it is beneficial for the employer to work to help us, and you, pursue all claims ensuring that you are taken care of and your losses fully compensated.

How to Proceed If You Are Injured on the Job

There are exceptions to the rules about workers’ compensation. Some employers are exempt. Let an experienced workers’ compensation attorney inform you about your benefits.

When injured on the job, keep the following:

What Workers' Compensation Pays For

Your employer’s insurance company pays the benefits, or your employer pays them directly if self-insured.

Regardless, benefits are paid for the following:

An individual qualifies for workers’ compensation for a variety of situations. A skilled lawyer evaluating your claim will offer legal guidance if you have suffered a serious injury at work. The skilled workers’ compensation attorneys of Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm successfully handle work-related accidents claims beyond what basic workers’ compensation allows. Contact us at (763) 406-7000 for a free initial consultation to determine if your unique situation qualifies. We help our clients understand the workers’ compensation process, and fight for what they deserve.